Who we can help:

  • * Unemployed or inactive and distant from the labour market
  • * Aged 18 or over
  • * Living in the Norfolk area
  • * Has the legal right to live and work in the UK
  • * Motivated to move forwards and looking to make positive life changes

Participants must be unemployed (including long-term unemployed)* or inactive to be eligible to the Programme. All unemployed and inactive individuals, whether they are in receipt of benefits or not, are eligible to the Programme. Participation to the Programme is voluntary. * participants must be unemployed for one day or more. There is no specific requirement as to how long a participant must have been out of work to be considered as a long-term unemployed.


Other target groups:

Chances aims to support individuals with various and different needs. Unemployed or inactive individuals who fall into one or more of the following categories will also be targeted:

  • * Over 50 years of age
  • * From an ethnic minority group
  • * With a disability or health condition (either physical or mental)
  • * People without basic skills
  • * Lone parents’


Chances will provide bespoke one to one support with our experienced advocates to help participants overcome barriers to engagement, employment or education.

Advocates will work with participants to develop a Personal Action Plan to establish support required, skills gaps or training needs but also to identify opportunities to improve participants soft skills including confidence, motivation, resilience, well-being and active living. Participants might also need assistance with overcoming practical barriers to attending training, work experience and interviews, such as considering transport solutions and route planning, as well as childcare needs. Support might also include assistance with health condition management and personal well-being or access to services for those with physical or learning disabilities – this may include additional support from the project’s integrated Mental Health Specialist or Disability Support Specialist. Support will be diverse, and the nature and time of support required will be tailored to the participants needs.


In the longer term we believe the project will help support:

  • * Around 930 unemployed and inactive people returning to work when leaving the Programme.
  • * Around 115 participants gaining basic skills when leaving the Programme.
  • * Around 210 participants in training or education when leaving the Programme.

A range of key stakeholders can make these referrals including JCP, DWP, VCSEs organisations, Self-Referrals, NCC Social Workers, Social Prescription Project.

Chances is a project co-funded by the European Social Fund.

  • 01603 228929

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