Ormiston Families – Transforming Rehabilitation (paused on NCAN)

Ormiston Families Transforming Rehabilitation (TR) Service aims to achieve the following outcomes for probation service users:

  • > Establish, or maintain supportive community networks.
  • > Reduce the impact of offending on children.
  • > Build protective factors within the service user’s social network to break intergenerational cycles of offending, including domestic abuse.

Overview of Service Delivery Model in the Community

We receive referrals of male and females who are subject to Community Order or Licence in the community. The TR service provides a range of interventions that focus on addressing service user needs in one or more of the three Justice Star assessment areas:

  • > Relationships and Family
  • > Parenting and Caring
  • > Friends and Community

We use a flexible approach of one-to-one and group support. Following initial assessment, a service user may engage in one or more of the following on no specified order:

  • > Group programme – linear group of multiple sessions e.g. “Who am I?”
  • > One-to-one – number of individual sessions
  • > Group Workshop – single session group workshop e.g. Child Contact Workshop

  • enquiries@ormistonfamilies.org.uk

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