Voluntary Norfolk Health and Wellbeing Volunteers (North and South CCG areas)

Our Aims

We aim to support people who have long term health conditions to access relevant support, advice and interventions that allow positive management of identified conditions; enabling continued independence, with reduced need for visits to GP or unplanned hospital admissions, and reduced admission to residential or nursing care. We strive to empower clients to feel confident about managing their long term condition independently, and support people who have a long term health conditions to utilise community supports available effectively, reducing the risk of social isolation, loss of independence or increasing physical or mental illness.

Acceptance Criteria

  • The person must be aged 18 or over
  • The person is a registered patient of a North or South Norfolk CCG GP practice.
  • The identified need(s) are as a result of a diagnosed long term condition, recovery from an injury or period of ill-health, or a condition that could cause social isolation as part of the progression of the illness.
  • The person must have a health or wellbeing need(s) that can be assisted by a volunteer.

What the service will do

Provide service users with a volunteer to work in partnership with them to work towards and achieve identified goals relevant to a client’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing. The emphasis is on a partnership, with the volunteer and client working together to identify risk factors and achieve goals to maintain and improve independence, health and wellbeing. Support is targeted to be low level and short term with the aim of supporting clients to identify specific areas of need and engage in activities, groups or clubs that can support their management of long term conditions or illness recuperation, promote their independence and reduce the risk of social isolation. Onward referrals to alternative supports will be made if an ongoing need is identified when volunteer support is reviewed.

What the service will NOT do

  • The service is not a specialist advice service. However will give information and advice about everyday routine matters e.g. contacting benefit agencies or utilities providers or signpost someone to more specialist advice.
  • Volunteers will not provide personal care, meal preparation, eye drops or shopping or dog walking on behalf of the client.
  • We will not support people with complex mental health conditions but will give advice if required.
  • The Volunteers do not provide a sitting service. We do not provide support for an unpaid family carer in the form of a sitting service. The person will need to be referred to Carers Matters Norfolk for assessment and support.
  • Continuous transport on a regular basis will need to be referred onto local community transport provider.
  • The service is not a befriending service. The person will need to be referred to Better Together Norfolk for assessment and support.

Duration of support

All clients who are accepted to receive support from a Health and Wellbeing Service Volunteer will begin with the Three Month Support Programme. After 3 months of support if there are ongoing or additional health and wellbeing goals, the client will move to the Six Month Support Programme.

  • Support to help clients regain or maintain independence when recovering from a period of injury or ill health through lifestyle changes and goals
  • Support to maintain independence within the home environment e.g. helping with correspondence, supporting the person to arrange home maintenance or gardening services, signposting
  • Provide information for signposting to other services, for example falls prevention services, community alarm providers, medication management, fuel efficiency.
  • Accompany client to social activities to reintegrate into society
  • Support a person to have a healthier lifestyle for example through exercise, support to stop smoking or reduce alcohol intake, healthier eating.
  • Extended Support Programme: Following a review after 6 months should the client need ongoing assistance with clearly identified goals/needs, an extended period of support can be provided, up to a maximum of two years with reviews every 3 months.

  • Health and Wellbeing Team
  • 07423714300
  • HealthandWellbeing@voluntarynorfolk.org.uk
  • St Clements House, 2-15 Colegate, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 1BQ

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