Welcome to the Norfolk Voter Registration Campaign! Our goal is to make sure everyone in Norfolk has the tools and information they need to vote confidently and independently.

You can help make that happen! Whether you share reminders on social media, display posters, or set up your own voter registration stall in your waiting area or at an event, your organisation can help make sure no one misses out on their chance to vote.

We have created some materials you can use, and we are on hand to help you get involved!

Step by step information on registering to vote, checking Photo ID and more

Read and share www.ncan.co.uk/vote – your step by step guide to getting ready to vote, covering: how to register to vote; how to check if you have valid Photo ID; how to get a Postal Vote; how to contact your local elections team, and more.

Resources to help you spread the word about Voter Registration

We have a wide range of materials which you are more than welcome to use, including:

  • Social media graphics
  • Posters and flyers to print
  • Banners / graphics which can be added to any existing materials you are printing out

All of these are available in our Google Drive. If you have any trouble accessing these just drop us a line at ruth@ncan.co.uk.

Other useful resources

Can I Vote? A very simple tool helping people find out whether they are eligible to vote in the General Election based on their nationality. If they are not eligible they’ll be invited to join the Migrant Democracy Campaign for voting rights.

Who can I vote for? A tool that shows names and brief info about candidates standing in your area.

There is a wealth of resources available from the Electoral Commission.

If you run workshops or groups, particularly with young people, you might be interested in Democracy Classroom, which contains a wealth of democracy-related resources for teachers and facilitators.

There are also national voter registration and participation campaigns targeted at young people, people with learning disabilities and autistic people, women, BME communities and migrants.

Voter Registration stalls

We can set up and run a voter registration stall at your organisation or event (or support you to do so), and we can provide training for staff or volunteers about the new rules around Voter ID. Just get in touch for a chat – ruth@ncan.co.uk. Please note I am away until 5 June 2024.

Rules about charities and political activities

Remember – while charities can take part in voter registration drives, you must not attempt to influence how someone votes, or encourage people to vote for or against any candidate or party. Our focus is on providing individuals with the tools and information they need to participate in elections confidently and independently. Find out more about charities and election law in this Q&A from lawyers Stone King.

Find out more about this campaign and why we are running it.