Your organisation (or team) is already registered with NCAN:

If you are a member of an organisation already on the NCAN Referral System, you will need to download the user sign-up form here and return it to so that we can create a user account for you.

You will also need to book an online training session to be able to navigate the referral system and start creating referrals. Training lasts 1 hour and is on Teams.

Please also read our Policy and Procedures for Use Document

Your organisation (or team) is not yet on NCAN:

Please download the new organisation/team form here and return it to and we will get back to you.

Please also read our Policy and Procedures for Use Document


New users are now able to book referral system training sessions by clicking the link here. Following the training and upon providing the required form(s) you will be given your logins.

The training sessions are shared sessions. If you would like to book an earlier slot, a session for your team only, or suggest another time, please contact and we’ll do our best to accommodate.

Click here to download the handbook about how to use the Referral System

Refresher Tutorial Videos:

Below are some short refresher tutorial videos that capture the main features of the referral system as shown in the training. You can also visit our Youtube page

Referral System Menu

Creating Referrals

Receiving Referrals

Other Features