You can contact the NCAN team by calling us on 01603 616 481

Your Norfolk Advice Network Helpline is the new NCAN telephone triage service.

Its purpose is to refer professionals and members of the public quickly and accurately to the right NCAN members, for free and quality assured advice, information and support. 

The FREE helpline is 0333 996 8333 and is run by a team of 4 staff.  Opening hours are 8 am -6pm Mon-Fri.

If you have queries about this project, email us at

To register your organisation on the NCAN referral system:

  • If your organisation or team is already registered with NCAN:

If you are a member of an organisation or team already on the NCAN Referral System, you can download the user sign-up form here and return it to to get a user account.

  • If your organisation or team is not yet on NCAN:

Please download the organisational form here and return it to and we will get back to you.

Once you’ve done this, we will offer you an online training session to be able to navigate the referral system and start creating referrals.

Please also click here to download our Policy and Procedures for Use Document

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