“The NCAN Referral System is invaluable for the debt service at the Norfolk Community Law Service. It provides us with sufficient background information to assess the client’s situation and to ensure that they can access an appropriate service in a timely fashion.
It also enables us to be alert to any emergency action that may be required, and helps us to ensure that our advice is tailored to the needs of the client.
Finally, for vulnerable clients who struggle to engage with a service, the referral details enable us to encourage the client to engage in a way that signposting can never do.”
– Andy Cobb, Money Advisor

“Clients for the Migrant Worker Service tend to be unfamiliar with UK systems and often struggle to find the correct organisation for the advice they need. The NCAN Referral System means that they can access our service after making contact with any of the organisations who are part of the Referral System. Also, because we are provided with substantial information about the client we are in a good position to be able to advise the client at the first appointment we have with them.”
– Des McKeating, Migrant Worker Advice Manager


  • With a built in monitoring and analysis function, the NCAN Referral System facilitates analysis of referrals from and to organisations.
  • This analysis can be used to demonstrate impact by sector, geographic and demographic groupings, thus providing valuable impact measurements.


  • Integral to the NCAN Referral System is a directory of organisations in the county that provide information and advice on a range of different topics.
  • The Directory provides further information on the advice agencies, enabling the referrer to select the correct agency for the client.