Family Mediation Trust

We help people who are:

  • -> Going through a divorce or separation,
  • -> Have divorced or separated some time ago but have unresolved or new issues to address,
  • -> Separated parents in dispute over child contact arrangements.

The breakup of any relationship is painful and difficult, especially if children are involved. With the support of a friendly, professional mediator, Norfolk Family Mediation Service helps people reach agreement by offering a safe, impartial place to discuss the terms of divorce, separation or how often a parent should see a child after separation. We aim to help people agree on things such as who will pick the kids up from school, who will have them in the holidays, and most importantly, how they will spend time with both parents. We can also help people to decide how to split property and finances fairly. All our mediators are trained professionals.


Mediation is free for those eligible for Legal Aid. Legal Aid eligibility is assessed based on a person's finances. There are some 'passporting' benefits, such as Job Seekers Allowance, which mean people are automatically entitled to free mediation. For everyone else, we can assess people on very low incomes to see if they come within the threshold. For those not eligible for Legal Aid, we charge for our services. An initial assessment meeting is £90.


We can usually see people within two weeks and have appointments Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm at our office in Norwich. We hold appointments in King's Lynn at least once a fortnight and can also hold appointments via Skype for those who cannot reach us in person.

  • Jayne Gilman
  • 01603 620588

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