All To Play For

SERVICE OFFER: Our project provides free football sessions across Norwich which help connect men with additional support services if requested, including wellbeing, employment, addiction, financial.

CRITERIA: This project is for men (18+) suffering with mental health problems.

  • Sam Watts
  • 01603731564


SERVICE OFFER: We offer regular sessions and projects using the visual arts to develop wellbeing.

CRITERIA: Our sessions are for women with mental health issues, young people, people with dementia and people with learning difficulties.

  • Melanie and Holly

Big C Cancer Charity

Big C offer a holistic whole person approach and have many different support options and services for both patients and families, including.
Complementary Therapies, Support groups, Welfare Advice, one to one time with our Big C clinical nurse specialists, nutritional sessions, Gentle exercise classes, Emotional support including counselling, Information resources, Relaxation sessions, Bereavement programme, plus other workshops, and events.

Big C services are for people in Norfolk and surrounding areas, with a cancer diagnosis, their carers and families. From point of diagnosis and beyond.

  • 0800 092 7640


SERVICE OFFER: We offer debt and mental health advice from experienced counsellors to help overcome gambling problems.

CRITERIA: Our service is for people who gamble and for those who are affected by the gambling of someone they know.

  • 01273 833722

Breathing Space by Aspire4U – working in partnership with Orbit East

If you are experiencing low mood, high worry, loss, loneliness, or just not feeling yourself, we can help. Our wellbeing team are here to listen and offer support over the phone and online through a range of signposting, wellbeing calls and/or counselling. This service meets the needs of people experience mild to moderate mental ill-health. We can accept a small number of referrals from non-orbit residents, but our priority are those living within Orbit housing.

People living in Norwich (and surrounding areas), Broadland, Waveney, Great Yarmouth.


Green Light Trust

The Green Light Trust offer free wellbeing courses in our woodland spaces for adults.

Our courses are suitable for Adults* in Norfolk who have experience of the following types of issues: Poor mental health and emotional wellbeing; Social isolation/social anxiety; In recovery from alcohol or substance misuse; Victims of violence, trauma or abuse; Behavioural problems; Long term unemployment; Chronic illness or physical disabilities; History of offending; Ex-military personnel.

  • 01284 830829

IPS Routes Employment Service @ Norfolk and Waveney MIND

We offer support into paid employment through one to one coaching and employer contacts made specifically on behalf of each individual. We also support people already in work to retain employment.

1) Open to those whose GP Surgery falls within Norfolk and Waveney and have the right to work in the UK.
2) Individuals must have been receiving clinical support for their mental health for 6 months (including receiving medication), or have a diagnosis such as; psychosis, bipolar, anxiety disorder, eating disorder or personality disorder.
3) Aged 18+

  • 0300 330 5488

LILY – West Norfolk

We offer support and advice in befriending, family, loneliness and social isolation and mental health.

Our service is offered to all adults in West Norfolk.

  • 01553 616200
  • Lily- Borough Council of King’s Lynn & West Norfolk, King’s Court, Chapel Street, King’s Lynn, PE30 1EX


We offer advice to men on subjects such as mental health, loneliness and social isolation and domestic abuse.

We offer our support to men and boys within Norfolk and surrounding areas.

  • Tim Allard
  • 07514254200
  • The Cottage, Maddermarket Theatre, Norwich, NR2 1DR, United Kingdom

Musical Keys

We offer a dedicated programme of music, movement and arts based activities designed to enable participants to learn new skills, build confidence and improve motor skills and coordination through enjoyable and interactive sessions.

We provide our service to people with disabilities and/or additional needs in Norfolk and the surrounding region (all ages welcome).

  • Oliver Payne
  • 01603 766690
  • Martineau Memorial Hall, 21 Colegate, Norwich, NR3 1BN

New Routes Integration

We provide support on matters such as education, employment, equality issues, discrimination, housing, immigration, loneliness and social isolation, and mental health and physical health.

We support refugees, asylum seekers and migrants in Norwich.

  • 01603662648
  • Catherine Wheel Opening, Norwich, Norfolk, NR3 3BQ, United Kingdom

Next Steps

We offer healthcare and mental health advice, supporting issues relating to drug/ alcohol misuse and mental wellbeing through our six week Recovery Support Programme.

We support young people, veterans, professionals, people in recovery, and the family and carers affected by substance misuse in Norfolk.

  • Marie Clements
  • 01603 981686
  • The Matthew Project, 70-80 Oak Street, Norwich, NR3 3AQ

Norfolk and Waveney MIND – Suicide Bereavement Service

As the suicide bereavement service we offer support to those bereaved to suicide living in Norfolk or Waveney and aged 18 or above. We offer a range of support and are proud to be a zero wait list service for one to one support aiming to make first contact within 2 working days of initial referral.

Suicide Bereavement 1:1 Support. Criteria: Must be within 3 months of loss or before inquest has been held. This service is open to anyone that has experienced the adverse effects of suicide bereavement in the immediacy of loss.

Suicide Bereavement Group Support. Criteria: Participants must be over 18, be bereaved to suicide (no time frame) and live within Norfolk or Waveney.

Suicide Bereavement Cafe.

Suicide Bereavement Youth Support Group. Criteria: Must be 18-25 and be affected by suicide.

For more information on each service click on the full Directory Listing.

  • 0300 330 5488

Norfolk LGBT+ Project

Service Offer:
We provide early intervention and prevention support services and information to all age groups so we can help empower individuals to improve their mental and emotional wellbeing and to reduce social isolation of LGBT+ individuals living in Norfolk and Waveney.

We accept referrals from individuals who identify as lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender+ as well as those questioning their sexuality or gender identity. We also accept referrals from parents/carers of LGBT+ individuals who are seeking advice and support.

  • Fi Liew-Bedford

OCD Action

SERVICE OFFER: We provide confidential and unbiased mental health support around obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) and other related disorders.CRITERIA:We offer support for people with OCD, carers and anyone who is concerned that they, or their friends or relatives, may have OCD or a related disorder.

  • Keira Bartlett
  • 0303 040 1112
  • ocdaction
  • OCD Action, Merchants Place, 16 Church Street, Cromer, Norfolk, NR27 9ES

Relate (pausing referrals on NCAN)

Our services include relationship counselling for individuals and couples, family counselling, mediation, children and young people’s counselling and sex therapy.

Our support is open to everyone. However there is a charge for our services. We are happy to work in partnership with referrers to make our services affordable to people referred to us who are on a low income, where possible. However this means that referrers need to check with us and provide support to enable funding for the person’s support before we can accept the referral.

  • Relate Norfolk & Suffolk
  • 01603 625333

REST Aylsham & Thetford Hubs

Our Day Time Hub (9:30am – 4:30pm Monday – Friday Thetford & 11:00am – 6:00pm Sunday – Monday Aylsham) is open to people ages 18+ who require wellbeing support either as a one-off sessions, or for extended periods of time. Access via direct walk-in, or by professional referral, or by calling 111 Mental Health.
Support is given 1-2-1 and group support is also available.
Our evening Sanctuary in Aylsham provides crisis support during periods of time when most people would be going through difficulties alone. We offer bother referral and appointment only sessions between 6:30pm – 12:00am. These sessions are provided by trained intensive crisis workers.

• Aged 18+
• Have shown willingness to engage with support
• Have given consent for referral
We must also have the name of the client’s GP Surgery and details of any other professionals involved in the case, such as psychiatrists, wellness professionals, etc.

  • Sam Apeh
  • 1 Red Lion Street, Aylsham, NR11 6ER

Restoration Trust


We provide ‘culture therapy’ for people with mental health problems, working in partnership with heritage/arts and social prescribing to deliver projects using resources and expertise from archives, archaeology, historic landscapes, libraries and local heritage organisations.


We support people aged 18 + living in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk, Lowestoft and Waveney.

  • Sophie Couling

Social Prescribing – Gorleston PCN

Service Offer:
Within the Gorleston PCN our social prescribers are here to listen, talk things through, support and encourage your readiness for change and put you in touch with or whatever you need to do to support that change.

Our service is open to any age group, for people who are registered at either The Millwood partnership GP Practice or the Beaches Medical Centre which covers the Gorleston PCN. Please note we do not cover Great Yarmouth. To find out more please email


STEAM Café Wellbeing Hubs (in King’s Lynn and Great Yarmouth)

SERVICE OFFER: STEAM is a space, that is tailored to offer holistic assistance from fully trained multidisciplinary teams to adults experiencing a mental health crisis – day or night. They can arrange access to guidance across housing, benefits, domestic abuse, LGBTQ+ and more. There are 2 sites: one in King’s Lynn, and another one in Gorleston, near Great Yarmouth.

CRITERIA FOR ACCEPTING REFERRALS: Adults in King’s Lynn & West Norfolk; or Great Yarmouth and East Norfolk.

  • Gemma Bush
  • 01842 818 361
  • /

The Feed

We provide supported work experience within our social café and catering enterprise, we deliver a 12 week well-being women’s only course and provide a Community Fridge.

We work in Norwich with people who have been at risk of homelessness, had mental health problems, addiction issues, an offence history, or other major barriers.

  • 01603 850447
  • 78-80 Prince of Wales Road, Norwich, NR1 1NJ

The Matthew Project

We provide information, support and advice around substance misuse, for wellbeing, better mental health and employment opportunities.

We provide support to young people, veterans, professionals, people in recovery, and the family and carers of those affected by substance misuse in the East of England.

  • 0300 7900 227
  • Nedeham House, 22 St. Stephens Road, Norwich, NR1 3QU, United Kingdom

The Matthew Project – Criminal Justice Support Team

Service Office: Help and support for substance and alcohol misuse.

Criteria: Must be for those going through the criminal just system.
Must download the linked forms as part of the referral process. Please attach them to any referrals made.

  • 07825966071

TimeNorfolk (Great Yarmouth Only)

SERVICE OFFER: We provide free support to people who have been affected by pregnancy loss, an unexpected pregnancy or pregnancy related issues. We support those with a mild or moderate mental health challenge related to pregnancy. 

CRITERIA: All across Norfolk who have been affected by pregnancy loss, an unexpected pregnancy or pregnancy related issues.

  • 01603 927487

Wellbeing Service Norfolk and Waveney (IAPT)


NHS service offering talking therapies including Cognitive Behavioural Therapy; Counselling; EMDR as well as a range of online workshops ideal for everyone to access. We also offer social recovery interventions including peer support, employment advice and social events.


Age 16+ presenting with stress, anxiety or depression and not requiring specialist mental health services.
Please note: once a referral is accepted our admin team will make contact with the client via text, email or phone within a week to offer them an appointment for an initial assessment. Our usual waiting times for initial assessment are 2-3 weeks. If your client has not heard from us, please do not hesitate to get in touch. You or the client can contact us directly on or 0300 123 1503.

  • Wellbeing Service
  • 0300 123 1503
  • The Conifers, Hellesdon Hospital, Drayton High Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR6 5BE, United Kingdom


Wonder+ offers advocacy, advice and guidance to women offenders, or at risk of offending, as well as helping them access services that may be of help to them.

Our service is available to women living in Norfolk, or intending to live in Norfolk, aged over 18 years of age, involved in the Criminal Justice System or at risk of becoming involved.

  • Wonder+ Coordinator
  • 01603327881

Your Own Place (Diss, Wymondham & Thetford)

Service Offer:
We believe everyone should have a safe and secure home, so we work one-to-one with people to build their skills, knowledge and confidence about money and housing. We work alongside people, don’t give advice, and support them to find their own solutions.

We also offer small (3-5 people), informal 2-hour group workshops, which facilitate knowledge sharing between peers and helps build confidence in social situations.

We support people living in the Diss, Wymondham and Thetford areas (18+) who have accessed help from a food bank or are at risk of needing to.

  • 23, Johnson Place, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2SA

Your Own Place (Norwich)

We believe everyone should have a safe and secure home, so we work with people to build their skills, knowledge and confidence about money and housing. We work alongside people, don’t give advice, and support them to find their own solutions.

We offer Group workshops (open to all on NCAN). At our small (3-5 people), informal 2-hour group workshops, we facilitate knowledge sharing on: budgeting, debts, benefits, where to find specialist help.
We run workshops during the week in central Norwich locations. We can offer one-to-one support following on from our workshops.

We provide One-to-one support: (Open to: ‘British Red Cross – foodbank support’ ‘NCA Foodbank Advisor Norwich’ (Citizens Advice Norwich foodbank) ‘Shelter Norwich foodbank’, ‘Age UK Norwich’) where we work one-to-one with people to build their skills, knowledge and confidence about money and housing

Criteria: We support people living in Norwich and Greater Norwich area (18+) who are accessing help from a food bank or at risk of needing to.

  • 01603 611910
  • 23, Johnson Place, Norwich, Norfolk, NR2 2SA, United Kingdom