Social Prescribing – Gorleston PCN

Our services are open to those from The Millwood Partnership including Falkland, The Beaches Medical Centre, including Magdalen Way Surgery and Hopton Surgery.

Please note we do not cover Great Yarmouth.

Many things affect our health and wellbeing, home, finances, social environment, feeling isolated or lonely, stressed out; these cannot be fixed by medicine alone. At its basic, social prescribing, is a prescription that sets out to support you and doesn’t come from a bottle of pills prescribed by your doctor. It is a personalised plan that is decided by yourself, for your health and wellbeing, to build resilience, to tackle the daily struggles in your life. It comes from taking personal responsibility, taking more control over your own health wellbeing, and managing your needs, in a way that suits you. Within the Gorleston PCN our social prescribers are here to listen, talk things through, support and encourage your readiness for change and put you in touch with or whatever you need to do to support that change. We will take time to support you on your journey, clearly explain any options available and their benefits so you can decide which course of action is best for you. As well as sharing knowledge, we will support and encourage you, so you feel more empowered to take more control of any challenges you might be facing. Such as, meeting you at a community group to help build confidence to take that first step through the door or offering you information and guidance, in relation to debt, domestic abuse, housing, or a listening ear, in other words, ‘What matters to you.’


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