CAN Connect can help to connect you with people and activities in your community as well as provide a range of support to help you achieve your goals. We also provide support for the community itself. Helping organisations and people make the places we live, stronger, friendlier and more resilient. 

Sometimes we could all do with just a little bit of support to help make life click. Our Life Connectors and Volunteers are here to help you. We can:


    • *Help you identify and achieve your goals
    • *Support you with advice and coaching
    • *Help you find the right support if you need specialist help
    • *Find and support you to get involved with activities in your community

We want to help make communities friendlier and stronger places. We can help you develop your ideas and projects and help strengthen what your organisation does. We can:

    • *Help you develop your project
    • *Understand the needs of your community
    • *Find funding
    • *Connect you with other groups and initiatives
    • *Involve people in your community
    • *Find volunteers
Please get in contact with our Can Connect coordinators  – Natasha Jackson or Andrea Segura   Or call our office – 01362 545020

  • Natasha Jackson
  • 01362 545 020