Migrant Help UK

Migrant Help supports and assists EU nationals with late applications who have still yet to register under the EUSS scheme for settlement to remain in the UK.

We can also assist client’s wishing to transfer from Pre-Settled Status to Settled Status once they have completed 5 years residency in the UK.

We provide a free support service to:

  • Groups that require support due to language barriers, assistance with Technology/ Digital assistance etc.
  • Young children
  • Children who have left Care/Children in Care
  • Gypsy/Roma/Traveller Communities
  • Victims of Modern Slavery/Trafficking
  • Victims of Domestic & Sexual Violence
  • Elderly
  • Homeless /Rough Sleepers
  • People with Disabilities or Serious Health Conditions

Please note that we cannot help with appeals.

  • euss@migranthelpuk.org