Norfolk Adult Learning

Norfolk Adult Learning offers 3 different services:


Courses: English, Maths, digital skills, ESOL. Business and work Skills. Vocational qualifications and apprenticeships, including Accountancy, Health and Social Care, Early Years, Leadership, and Management. Access to Higher Education. Health and Wellbeing, Independent Living Skills, Lipreading, Creative Arts, Modern Languages, programmes for families.

Adult learning courses in Norfolk - Norfolk County Council


Refocus-Retrain-Reskill: Support, including one to one advice, to find a new job, understand one’s skills, and advice for those seeking a new career, self-employment, or for progression in a current job role.


Information- Advice and Guidance: We give advice that is personalised, confidential and accessible information on further learning and training, employment workshops, jobs and careers or starting a business.

Advice on jobs, careers and starting your own business - Norfolk County Council


Our services are open to all Norfolk residents aged 19 plus. Please check our courses for up-to-date eligibility. Family Learning programmes are available for parents and carers aged 16 plus with their children. Many of our courses can be free.


Adult Learning is one of Norfolk's largest training providers and the TES Adult Learning Provider of the Year in 2021. We are there to help individuals, community groups and organisations reach their full potential.

Our aim is to support every one of our learners to achieve their goals whether that is to get a new job, progress in a current role, learn a new skill or enjoy a personal learning challenge.

Returning to education as an adult can be stimulating and exciting. It can also be daunting, especially if your memories of school are not fond memories. This is different. Our classes are welcoming, supportive and relaxed. You can learn what you want to learn, locally, at your own pace, with guidance to help you choose the right course and with support all the way through. It also provides great social opportunities and the chance to have fun while you learn.

Find out more: 0344 800 8020 (option 5)

  • 0344 800 8020 (option 5)