Norfolk and Waveney MIND – Suicide Bereavement Service

As the suicide bereavement service we offer support to those bereaved to suicide living in Norfolk or Waveney and aged 18 or above. We offer a range of support and are proud to be a zero wait list service for one to one support aiming to make first contact within 2 working days of initial referral. The current lines of support are:

  • Suicide Bereavement 1:1 Support – Offering up to 12 sessions of one to one support within 3 months of loss OR before inquest has been held. We offer emotional support and a listening ear to allow clients to talk about the complex emotions and grief that occurs when someone suffers a loss of this nature. We also offer practical help, liaising with doctors, funeral directors and most frequently the coroner’s officer handling the case and are able to attend inquest alongside clients to offer support and understanding. Support is not weekly but spread to navigate the key milestones that occur and is person centred, tailoring support to the individual. This service is open to anyone that has experienced the adverse effects of suicide bereavement in the immediacy of loss.
  • Suicide Bereavement Group Support – The group support is a structured group running for 8 sessions over 9 weeks. By bringing those together that have been bereaved to suicide we allow participants to share in the commonalities of their loss and grief despite the individual nature of grief. We have seen great results with participants feeling less alone and able to share the “messy stuff” left after loss. The groups run out of our Norfolk and Waveney Mind REST hubs and create a safe, non-judgemental, confidential space. Participants must be over 18, be bereaved to suicide (no time frame) and live within Norfolk or Waveney. (A link to “Tracy’s Story”, a client testimonial for this support can be found here)
  • Suicide Bereavement Café – These run periodically out of the REST hub facilities and create an informal drop-in space to share update, meet others and seek further support. There is no referral process for this. On the last Thursday of each month we are at REST Aylsham from 11.30-12.30 and REST Norwich from 14.30-15.30. We are at REST Thetford (Breckland House) on the second to last Thursday from 13:00-14:00
  • Suicide Bereavement Youth Support Group – A drop-in space for 18-25 group affected by suicide. These currently run out of Taverham Library on the last Tuesday of every month from 16:00-18:00. We are looking to expand this offering with further support groups to be announced.

The service can be contacted on

  • 0300 330 5488