Tech Skills For Life

Tech Skills for Life West Norfolk

Do you want help applying for a job online? Struggling to pay for mobile data? Or want to learn more about staying safe from scams? Whether you’re a beginner or have been online for a while, Tech Skills for Life is here to help!

This new, simple support offer will help you make the most of the online world, whether refreshing your skills or trying digital, internet-based, or “techy” things for the first time. We help you use tablets, computers, and smartphones, access the internet, and give you the skills and confidence to use them in a way that works for you. All so you can make the most of the online world.

Who is behind it?

To provide this support, we have teamed up with the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk, the NHS, volunteer groups, and local community organisations. We are working with lots of different groups, so everyone will have the option to use technology and access essential online services if they want to. Tech Skills for Life is currently running in West Norfolk, with the potential to go on to cover the whole of Norfolk.

What can Tech Skills for Life do for me?

Our friendly community tech coaches will help you find new ways to use the internet that will help you in your everyday life.

They can:

  • Give you the skills and confidence to be safe online and use your tablet, laptop, or smartphone however you want
  • Help you find out how to borrow a smartphone, tablet or laptop or even get one to keep forever (for free!) if you need one
  • Help you get internet services like free mobile data, cheap broadband tariffs, and much more
  • Suggest other things, like social groups or learning, to help you along the way