STEAM Café Wellbeing Hubs (in King’s Lynn and Great Yarmouth)

Welcome to STEAM, a unique and safe café styled space, that is tailored to offer holistic assistance from fully trained multidisciplinary team to adults experiencing mental health crisis - day or night. Drawing on experience and learnings from decades of assistance to those most vulnerable in our community, STEAM provides clients with a calming and informed environment beneficial to their need. Our engaging safe haven provides guidance, support and personalised pathway plans, which are mindfully coproduced over a period of time with our team, to enhance future wellbeing for the client. STEAM provides person centred intervention assistance to support primary services in Kings Lynn and surrounding areas.


Journeys begin with a simple face to face assessment of need. By softly understanding client requirements and introducing them to our service offering, core elements of trust and commitment are established.

Personalised intensive support plans are identified, understood and then self-managed by the client with ongoing team support. This could involve CBT, 1:1 or group engagement activities from our single cohesive environment.

We deliver knowledge and educational tools to assist client’s with their needs. Our support provides a nutritional ‘good mood’ food offering throughout the day, which highlights the importance of maintaining a well balance diet for a healthy mind and body.

We assist clients’ future ambitions by providing a route to achieve via community networking, wellbeing support and pathways to employment.

We give clients access to guidance across housing, benefits, domestic abuse, LGBTQ+ and more.

Our team remain available throughout the clients journey, face to face and/or virtually, to offer further light touch assistance as required. This fully inclusive wraparound support aids the client to achieve their full potential.

There is a STEAM café in King's Lynn that you can email on; and one in Gorleston (Great Yarmouth) that you can email on

  • Gemma Bush
  • 01842 818 361
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